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Dec 23, 2014 5:07 pm
GrahamSw Offline
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Subject: How important is the originality of colour?
The 14/60 semi-sports I shall be taking over is partially painted Maroon, partially in primer. A lot of the 1920s photos show 14/60s in light colours. Through its life the car has been several different colours and I was wondering how much importance to attach to originality of colour when I tackle the job. I would prefer something like the pretty light green or cream example that can be seen on the 'net.
Also I believe that Lagonda were one of the first to spray cellulose so probably they sprayed the 1926/27 cars? I can spray passably well but coach painting by hand would be a new skill to learn.
Any views on either question?
Graham Swindley

Dec 23, 2014 9:17 pm
h14 Offline
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Subject: Re: How important is the originality of colour?

Good question! I think this really has to be a personal decision.

If I was buying a car still wearing its orginal paint, or most of it, I would feel pretty well obliged to keep it that way. If on the other hand, as is most likely, the car has had one or more repaints...then I would go for whatever I thought was most attractive to me, and suited the car itself. That said, I would try to use the colours used by the factory at the time.

For example, my first car was (and I still own it) a 1951 Riley RMB. It was originally painted dismal black, as so many were. In the 60s it was repainted blue; when the guy I bought it from owned it, it was resprayed maroon. It is nearing the end of restoration; I couldn't abide black, so I have chosen Autumn Red and Dove Grey, both colours from the factory paint chart; two tone, which most Riley's weren't, but it is what I think suits the car, and my nod to originality is using factory shades.

I've known for many years that this is the "perfect" scheme for a Riley RM. But! How many will agree with me? Not many, I suspect. So that is why I think it really is down to you...after all, it is your car, you bought it and will doubtless be spending more on what's wrong with choosing your own "perfect" scheme!

I don't think you would be frowned upon for not returning the car to its factory colour, especially given its history. Remember you will need to consider what goes with the colour of the upholstery. If that is good and original, that might narrow your choice perhaps.

Be interesting to see others' views on this topic!


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